35 years ago, Miami Valley Islamic Association (MVIA) established the first mosque in Ohio, Masjid Al-Madina.  

Built on a 24-acre lot, Masjid Al-Madina has a Muslim cemetery just a few miles from the mosque and a full-time Imam, who is a Hafiz and Alim.  Under the auspice of the Imam who has been with us for the last 23 years, children and adults study Islam and the recitation of the Qur’an at our Islamic School.  The excellent performance of our students speaks highly of the dedication they receive.  This spiritual development has allowed them to become upstanding citizens as they serve the community at-large.  Our sincere and dedicated members and youth continue to serve Muslims and Non-Muslims locally, in the surrounding communities, and beyond.

Now, our community has grown from a few families to over 50 families.  Jumaa’ prayers, Ramadan, and Eidain are packed and overflowing.  Alhumdulillah, the expansion of this place of worship has started, more than doubling it’s size with a men’s prayer hall, women’s prayer hall, wudu’ amenities, child care facilities, overflow prayer space, and parking lot for 110 spaces.