Miami Valley Islamic Association has developed a longstanding   weekday after-school and Sunday school program for children of all ages. Additionally, MVIA is now offering a new Sunday Program for adults.

In the weekday after-school program, children learn to read and memorize the Holy Qur’an as well as important duas (supplications) under the auspice of our Imam along with one of our  esteemed Islamic Teachers. During the Sunday school program which is normally from 12:30pm – 2:00pm, children learn and practice the following subjects throughout the year…

Core Islamic Beliefs

  • Oneness of Allah SWT
  • Prophets of Islam
  • The five pillars of Islam
  • Miracles of Allah SWT
  • Previous Books of Allah SWT
  • Day of Judgement & Accountability
  • Life of the Hereafter

Conduct and Character (Aqlaq & Adhab)

  • Being respectful to Parents
  • Understanding the Meaning of Salam
  • Modesty and Moderation
  • Not being wasteful
  • Being a productive person
  • Being mindful of others’ rights

The Life of Prophet Muhammad SAWS

  • Seerah (Biography of Prophet Muhammad SAWS)
  • Sunnah (Traditions of the Prophet Muhammad SAWS)
  • Hadith (Sayings of Prophet Muhammad SAWS)



In addition, students are instructed on how to perform the basic rites of Islam i.e. praying, fasting, ablution, charity, pilgrimage and burial rites.  Age-appropriate activities and education for the youth ensure that your child stays engaged and interested.

As mentioned above, our Sunday program now includes an opportunity for Adults to benefit in knowledge alongside the youth Alhumdulillah. While students study in our older building, the new building will play various lectures and talks by famous scholars and speakers from around the world. We encourage parents to participate along with the children during the Sunday program.

For more information on how to enroll your child, call us at (937) 322-3266.