Masjid Al-Madina and MVIA warmly welcomes individuals of all faiths and backgrounds through our doors. Whether it’s a newfound interest in learning about Islam or simply a longstanding wish to engage in interfaith dialogue, we encourage people to stop by and ask questions.

Should friends and guests decide to come on Fridays, we can certainly arrange for individuals and groups to participate in our weekly program which includes a congregational sermon and prayer. In addition, our library houses a collection of many texts, documents, and media related to Islam and prominent scholarly works explaining many historical & contemporary topics. For a quick reference to some basic teachings of Islam we invite you to browse through our featured articles as well as our blog.

In the future, we plan to establish ongoing interfaith campaigns to engage and work with local and regional leaders & institutions to build a better, stronger community.

For media inquires please e-mail or call us at (937) 322-3266

“He who believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him be kind to his neighbor”
-Prophet Muhammad SAWS