In an effort to serve and educate the Springfield community, the following are some of the many services offered by Masjid Al-Madina throughout the year…

Jummah Prayer

– Takes place every Friday at 1:30pm throughout the year.  A Qutbah (sermon) is given by our Imam in English followed by a brief Arabic Qutbah.


Weekly Meetings

– MVIA holds weekly meetings on Sundays from 2:00pm to 3:00pm hosted by our Imam.  After Dhuhr prayer, a portion of the Qur’an is recited in Arabic followed by the English translation and a detailed Tafsir (exegesis).  The meeting ends with the narration of some Hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh.)  Members usually congregate after the meeting for tea and snacks. For more information click here.

Sunday School

– Held before the weekly meeting from 12:30pm to 2:00pm,  children are taught lessons about Islam and various aspects from the life of the Prophet SAWS.  For more information on the Sunday program and Islamic school, please click here.

Monthly Meetings

-Usually held on the first Sunday of every month in lieu of the Weekly meeting.  A special program or guest speaker is prepared along with a short children’s program and potluck lunch. For more information click here.

Sister’s Halaqa 

-Held on Wednesdays at 10:30am off the MVIA campus, sisters congregate at a member’s house for tea and snacks while listening to an Islamic lecture or a portion of Tafsir, followed by a brief group discussion.  For more information, contact sister Samina Ahmed at (937) 408-8143.

Ramadan Iftars and Taraweeh Prayers

– During the month of Ramadan, our masjid holds daily Taraweeh prayers after the Isha prayer.  The entire Qur’an is recited by our resident Imam who is Hafiz of the Holy Qur’an.  In addition, community Iftars (dinners) are held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday either as a potluck or catered dinner via sponsorship.

Summer Annual Picnic

– During the summer, we take advantage of the warm weather by having a barbecue and picnic for friends, families, neighbors, clergy, and local politicians.  Tent canopies are pitched, volleyball nets are set up, and wide variety of foods and drinks are enjoyed.  It is a fun, relaxed atmosphere to meet one another and showcase our latest efforts and endeavors to the Springfield community.

MVIA and its members are constantly looking for opportunities to participate in charities and interfaith meetings.  Updates on our latest efforts will be posted as they become available.