MVIA Expands into Phase 2

Alhumdulillah two years ago with your duas, we completed the construction of the new masjid- doubling its previous size- with a new men’s prayer hall, women’s prayer hall, wudhu amenities, overflow prayer space, and parking lot for 50 spaces.

With Allah’s help and the generous support of our community, we are now in the process of completing the entire project and the work has already started. MVIA’s Phase 2 projects include the following upgrades and new construction undertakings…

Funeral/Janazah Prep-Room
Expanded Parking Lot (110 Spaces)
New Fencing and Gates
Renovation of the Old Mosque
Recreation Area
Improved Exterior Lighting
Picnic Shelter
Playground for the Children

The cost of the project is $700,000 and Alhumdulillah our local community has already collected $500,000 in pledges and donations. Nonetheless, we are still in need of $200,000.  Please help this cause with your generous gift of $5,000, $3,000, $2,000, $1,000, or $500 as sadaqah jariyah (perpetual charity).  The construction is going well and Inshallah will be completed by Ramadan 2016.  The investment is minimal, the reward everlasting!

Masjid Al-Madina
Please give generously today! For your convenience we have set-up online donations. Please click here to submit your pledges insha’Allah.

“Whosoever builds a mosque from his own wealth, Allah shall build for him a house in paradise.”
“Whosoever (so much as) lights a lamp in a mosque, the angels and Throne-Bearers do not cease praying for him as long as that lamp remains lit.”
-Prophet Muhammad SAWS

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