On Sunday May 4th, MVIA celebrated a joyous occasion dedicated to its youth.

Masha’Allah 6 students from Masjid Al-Madina’s long standing Sunday program performed Quranic recitations in a special community evening program. This marks each student’s memorization of the 30th part of the Holy Qur’an- commonly known as Juz Amma. To put this praiseworthy milestone in perspective,  Imam Lasania cited the history of revelation as it pertains to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH.) Among all the languages of the world, many scholars refer to Arabic and Mandarin as two of the most difficult to master. Furthermore, Arabic is specifically known for its historical association with classical poetry during the Middle Ages. Thus the miracle of Quranic revelation lies in the language itself.

Muslims assert that the Prophet (PBUH) was an unlettered messenger sent my God Almighty and no greater proof comes except in his inability to fashion poetry from his own volition. Many narrations from his companions demonstrate high aptitude in composing hundreds of lines of poetry; however, Muhammad (PBUH) was never known to have produced such works spontaneously. Rather it was decreed by Almighty Allah that his very actions and speech were to come directly from Allah himself. Contemporary Arabs of  the 7th century had never heard such pure and linguistically perfect poetry prior to the The Holy Qur’an. In fact, it is often said Muhammad’s own enemies though in deep opposition to his cause, could not help but listen to his recitation which was not only melodious but deeply impactful to the hearts and minds of any audience.

The Holy Qur’an remains the most memorized and read book in human history. And although many Muslims undertake the journey to fully understanding it and its complex meanings, the true and timeless beauty lies in its recitation. Regardless of one’s ability to understand Arabic, the passion and connection with its historical origin makes the language of the Qur’an truly miraculous.

MVIA congratulates all of its students & their families for attaining this goal. May Allah continue to bless the seekers of knowledge and make their paths easy. Additionally, Masjid Al-Madina is now home to an ever growing student body dedicated to learning and understanding Islam. For more details on our Sunday program including Adult Lectures click here.

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