Police charge nine over uk terrorism plot by two British Muslims

Police charge nine over uk terrorism plot by two British Muslims

The three brothers — who have been named locally as Hamza, 32, and his brothers-in-law Naseer and Mohammed — are alleged to have plotted to carry out a series of bombings across the UK using the car bomb-making skills of two Britons.

They are expected to be charged as they attend a trial at Southwark Crown Court on Thursday.

The plot, believed to have been foiled several times since 2011, was aimed at startin강릉출장샵g a series of terror attacks, prosecutors alleged.

“There would obviously be many, many more in future of attacks in the UK, including targeting the British public, which is exactly what we all worry about,” said assistant chief crown prosecutor Matthew Brown.

“We are all scared that someone is going to get up in the country and create an attack like what we saw in Manchester which killed 22 and injured more than 100 people.”

The five have been charged under the Terrorism Act 2000, which makes terrorism a criminal offence with a mandatory life sentence sentence if they are convicted of such crimes, the c건마ourt was told.

The brothers are being held at a police station in south London in addition to the nine men charged under terrorism law.

The trio are said to be “very close” to the Islamic State terror group.

The brothers are understood to have traveled to London in April 2012 an포커 의 신d were planning to fly into the capital from Istanbul, with plans for a suicide attack there, before being stopped by anti-terror investigators.

But the arrests in 2011 suggest that they were not particularly worried about how they would be stopped and were more prepared to commit acts of terror, the court heard.

The court heard: “All along, it looked like all along, it would be a safe place for a person to do their thing.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “The Metropolitan Police’s focus has been primarily on the arrest and removal of terror cells.

“All 11 persons charged with terrorism offences in the capital have been arrested on the London Heathrow runway. They are charged with engaging in the planning and preparation of acts of terrorism, and with preparing, carrying out or assisting another person to engage in terrorism activities on the Heathrow runway.”

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