Jackson drugged as if for major surgery coroner says (Reuters)

Jackson drugged as if for major surgery coroner says (Reuters)

“I can’t stand him any longer. I mean, I can’t 가평출장안마stand him. I’d do anything to kill him. I don’t even want him to go to the hospital — because I want his family — but I’m going to do anything to see him get the care he needs.”

Dylan’s moth영주출장샵 영주안마er, Dwayne, said at a news conference last week: “He wasn’t acting as he should have in this situation, and our whole family is affected.”

She said Dylan died after being given a dose of OxyContin that was 30 times the amount he usually takes.

KPLC said the county Medical Examiner’s office confirmed the number of deaths caused by prescription painkillers, including heroin overdoses, to be five. Those deaths account fo카지노r approximately 1.8 percent of all cases.

Police and investigators have searched the rural home for the father and son. The family lives off-leash in a private beach community. Police have also turned up evidence from the backyard where Dylan and the boy were playing, but no one answered the door.

Neighbors said the father was not home.

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