Downpour take out marble bar telecommunications

Downpour take out marble bar telecommunications

by Adam J. Ream

1 December가평출장안마 2008 – 7:23am

By Matt Brown

A giant piece of concrete has washed up at Fort Bend County Airport.

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office sent two divers to the scene after noticing what appeared to be what appeared to be an overturned piece of ice that washed up on the ground Monday morning.

The agency sent out t더킹 카지노hree other divers the next day to survey the area and made a pit stop around 3:15 a.m. to examine the debris.

It was not immediately known if anyone was injured in the incident.

Anyone who witnessed the incident was asked to call the sheriff’s office at (979) 749-1212.

–Posted by Eric Gay |온라인 카지노j7zSbQ7aZKw

The video above was made while a small piece of the huge granite had washed up in the water.

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